High-volume, Low-speed Fans


High-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans are built specifically for large floor areas. Because of their size, they use fewer blades with greater efficiency and less power to cover a large area. The constantly moving air can help increase comfort and make the facility feel three to four degrees cooler.

In addition to reducing energy costs, some of the other benefits of HVLS fans include:

  • Quiet and efficient operation; the largest 24 ft fans use less power than an average hair dryer
  • Extremely low maintenance; recommended inspection every 20,000 hours
  • Inexpensive operation; approximately $0.06/hour for one fan at 0.75 kW
  • Provides floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall constant and even ambient temperature
  • Creates air curtains and non-disruptive air flows
  • Minimizes need for expensive duct work in new construction
  • Extended equipment life because the equipment doesn’t need to cycle as often or as long
  • Energy savings in both summer and winter
  • Tubercle blades allow fans to move more air with fewer blades and less noise
  • Protects equipment from damage due to humidity and condensation


Incentives of $2,000 per fan are available for retrofits and new construction projects.

Eligible equipment should follow AMCA 230-15 performance testing standards and meet the minimum energy efficiency (CFM/watt) requirement for large diameter ceiling fans set by Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR) Part 430 C Energy and Water Conservation Standards.


After incentive, simple payback is less than two years.