Underground Cable Replacement Project

We’re making progress on our service area-wide Underground Cable Replacement (UGCR) project.

This project replaces power lines buried in the dirt more than 40 years ago with more modern, reliable lines. We began this project in 2012 and plan to finish in 2035. When we finish, we’ll have upgraded 7,000,000 feet of power lines.

Changes You Might Notice

Sometimes, we will need to replace underground equipment with above ground equipment. Green metal boxes will mark these places. The boxes provide a place to route power lines to different paths — sort of like intersections on a street.

Installing above-ground equipment improves access for our crews and helps us restore power more quickly.

Our work might affect landscaping and customer property like fencing. In these cases, we will visit with you before working on your property to find the best solution for everyone.

What Customers Are Responsible For

secter boxTo ensure our crews have safe access to work on the equipment when needed, customers must keep the following distances clear around above-ground electrical equipment on their property:

  • 3 feet from each side
  • 10 feet from the front
  • 10 feet above the top

More Information

If you have questions about the project:

Project Manager

Tom Keyt

Construction Project Coordinator

Jess Powell