Generator Interconnection

Idaho Power offers generation interconnection options for generation planners and developers wanting to build a generation facility and interconnect it to Idaho Power’s system. The generation facilities that fall under the processes on this website are typically solar farms, wind farms, energy storage facilities, etc. that are 2 megawatts (MW) or larger and PURPA projects of any size. This website offers information and resources to help interconnection customers navigate their generator interconnection requests through the applicable process to interconnect to Idaho Power’s system.

Idaho Power publicly posts all generation interconnection projects currently in the study process on its OASIS site under Generation Interconnection.

If you are looking for information about Idaho Power’s Transmission Service Request (TSR) Process, or would like to submit a request, please view our OASIS site Business Practices under the Business Practices, Waivers, and Exemptions Folder, or view Idaho Power’s OATT under the Tariff Folder.

If you are looking for information to connect rooftop solar or other on-site customer generation intended to offset some or all of your energy needs, please view our Customer Generation page.

View a comprehensive list of important documents for your GI request, including business practices, applications, and more!

Generator Interconnection Contacts

Generator Interconnection — Physical Connections

Generation Interconnection Team
208-388-2658 (voice)

Roof-top Solar and Other On-site Customer Generation Applications and Renewable Energy Questions
Customer Generation Specialists
208-388-2559 (voice)

Energy Sales and Power Purchase Agreement Contract Questions

Energy Contracts Team

Qualified Reporting Entity (QRE) Reporting Questions

Aubrae Sloan
208-388-5697 (voice)